DG5: Wind on Wind

Favorable state policies in Iowa have made it economically feasible for farmers, landowners, schools, colleges and small businesses to own large wind turbines. Dream Green co-hosts Stuart and James visit Jamaica, Iowa to spend time with wind utility consultant and former Iowa Power Fund board member, Tom Wind at his home office. Wind gives a tour inside a nearby wind turbine-- a community project of several local owners who financed seven Suzlon S88 2.1 MW turbines in nearby Jefferson.

This is James  first-ever visit to a wind turbine site which he describes as, “amazingly beautiful from a distance . . . such a graceful spinning motion . . .  since Iowa will get nearly 20% of its energy this way maybe Bob Dylan was right. In Iowa, the answer my friend, actually is blowing in the wind!"



Guest List:

Tom Wind:  EE, Wind Utility Consultant and board member of The Iowa Power Fund

Nick Hildreth: Suzlon Engineer.

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