A Splendid Time Was Had By All

We had a most beautiful gathering at the wind- & solar-powered Abundance EcoVillage S.E.E.D. Center Sunday to celebrate the wrap up of our 20-episode Dream Green radio series.
Thanks to all who came, and
to Crepe Escape's Christine Goodale for her amazing lunch spread including chestnut and butternut squash soups, spiced hot cider, bread with exquisite fixings (basil butter, humus, pesto, salad dressing) and fruit desert bars to die for, everything homemade,
to Great Taste's Steve Boss for helping with the menu,
to Rich Sims, Bob Ferguson & Brian Stains for prep and presence,
to Frank Cenatori (who'll be featured in a Bruce Springsteen tribute/KRUU benefit concert at the Sondheim Center Jan 20 & 21) and Jeffrey Hedquist (with his brand new CD) for providing beautiful song,
to Stuart Tanner for his most excellent slide & audio presentation (which we'll have up on this site soon),
to Lonnie Gamble for his moving congratulatory words in summary,
to Roland Wells for his never-ending sound support, 
to Stuart Valentine, Ken Walton & Bill Dyer for S.E.E.D. Center logistics,
to the Dream Green team: Mo Ellis, Donna Schill (thanks for filming Sunday's proceedings), Christine Schrum, Tanell Pretorius, David Hurlin, Ryan Olson, Caleb Flynn, Roland, Stuart and James,
and to all our generous sponsors, as well as the Iowa Power Fund's Office of Energy Independence.