on the road

It's that time of year when the corn seeds go into the ground and everything turns green.  James Moore and I are also turning green.  This week we start the radio series Dream Green for KRUU FM and beyond.  We are about to go on the road and record shows featuring all the players in the energy efficiency and sustainability.   It’s going to be an adventure for both of us, perhaps for me especially, since I’m not a native of Iowa.  I’ve only really been to Fairfield, Iowa city and Des Moines.  I know we are going to find some great stories out there and do a bit of a reverse Bill Bryson. When I talk to my friends in the UK they think Iowa must be flat, brown and very conservative.  I tell them that it is not flat and as I drive around, at least in this area, I see lots of areas of gentle hills and small woods.  It’s very green in fact.  Other interesting facts I know so far, Captain Kirk was born here, there are corn palaces and a number of alternative communities carrying out experiments in social, spiritual and futuristic lifestyles.  Apparently Iowa has for a long time been home to communities breaking conventions of the wider society and trying out the new and the bold.  So since Iowa is a place for community lead innovation is Iowa ahead of the curve in the area of green initiatives, renewable energy and sustainability?  I don't know the answer to that.  What I do know is that it is a contender and lots of great things are going on.  Tomorrow, Monday May 23rd, James and I begin the journey by going to Des Moines and interviewing the Mayor of Des Moines, Frank Cownie, and a other guests that will feature in our first program.   We will be asking them what their vision of a green Iowa is, where we are now and what are the next steps?   Theses are the questions that will start us on our journey.