DG5: Tom Wind on everything wind in Iowa


Favorable state policies in Iowa have made it economically feasible for farmers, landowners, schools, colleges and small businesses to own large wind turbines. This Thursday listen in on KRUU-FM as Stuart and James travel to Jamaica Iowa and spend time with wind utility consultant and former Iowa Power Fund board member, Tom Wind at his home office. Then Tom takes our co-hosts for a look inside a nearby wind turbine at a community project owned by several local owners who financed seven Suzlon S88 2.1 MW turbines in nearby Jefferson.

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Join James for his first-ever “visit to a wind turbine site” which he describes as “amazingly beautiful from a distance . . . such a graceful spinning motion. And since Iowa will get nearly 20% of its energy this way maybe Bob Dylan was right. In Iowa, the answer my friend, actually is blowing in the wind!"

Stuart’s 'been looking forward to getting a clear picture of the role of wind energy in Iowa. He “wants to know how the numbers work and where the future lies.  Tom Wind is your man for this.  In this program you really get the answers - plus a lot of jokes about Tom’s name.  And joy of joys, a trip to a wind farm.”

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Guest List:

Tom Wind:  EE, Wind Utility Consultant and board member of The Iowa Power Fund

Nick Hildreth: Suzlon Engineer.


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