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DG5: Tom Wind on everything wind in Iowa


Favorable state policies in Iowa have made it economically feasible for farmers, landowners, schools, colleges and small businesses to own large wind turbines. This Thursday listen in on KRUU-FM as Stuart and James travel to Jamaica Iowa and spend time with wind utility consultant and former Iowa Power Fund board member, Tom Wind at his home office. Then Tom takes our co-hosts for a look inside a nearby wind turbine at a community project owned by several local owners who financed seven Suzlon S88 2.1 MW turbines in nearby Jefferson.

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Join James for his first-ever “visit to a wind turbine site” which he describes as “amazingly beautiful from a distance . . . such a graceful spinning motion. And since Iowa will get nearly 20% of its energy this way maybe Bob Dylan was right. In Iowa, the answer my friend, actually is blowing in the wind!"

Stuart’s 'been looking forward to getting a clear picture of the role of wind energy in Iowa. He “wants to know how the numbers work and where the future lies.  Tom Wind is your man for this.  In this program you really get the answers - plus a lot of jokes about Tom’s name.  And joy of joys, a trip to a wind farm.”

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Guest List:

Tom Wind:  EE, Wind Utility Consultant and board member of The Iowa Power Fund

Nick Hildreth: Suzlon Engineer.

DG4: Hy-Vee LEEDs

Randy Menke and James Moore in the Health Center aisle at Fairfield Hy-Vee store

In Dream Green's hometown of Fairfield, Hy-Vee just opened its second facility in accordance with LEED standards. LEED®, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance “green” buildings. Hy-Vee intends to seek LEED® certification for its Fairfield store. Additionally, the new store created an additional 125 jobs and an investment of more than $13 million to the Fairfield economy.

Stuart Tanner explained after the site visit that If the business world really is to turn green and become sustainable then one of the things that needs to happen is that businesses institute green approaches and sustainable practices because they see the economic sense in it, not because it has any publicity value but because it saves them money and secures future supplies. Fairfield’s new Hy-Vee is a prime example of this and it’s compelling to hear the thinking of the team in charge of creating a sustainable future for the Hy-Vee stores in our region."

Listen to HyVee shopper's comments:

[swf file="DGS 4 Clip 1.mp3"]

Guests include:

Randy Menke, Director of Hy-Vee Fairfield store.

Mike Smith, Hy-Vee Director of real estate and sustainability.

Jon Skanlan, Hy-Vee Director of refrigeration & energy management.

Jeff Markey, Hy-Vee Assistant Vice President of engineering and construction.

Daniel Willrich, Hy-Vee Assistant Director of store architecture.




Listen to the complete show here:

Full Show Transcript:

English transcript here


DG3: Solar Splash

Dream Green takes you lakeside to the heats at George Wyth State Park during Solar Splash. This world championship of intercollegiate solar boating features designs from university teams around the United States, Turkey and Mexico. Join the competition as these eco-friendly boats compete, yet coexist peacefully with nearby wildlife. Noise levels are more of a hummmm than the usual roar that can scare local fowl and force fish to seek the murky bottom.

Stuart Tanner and James Moore, the hosts of the Dream Green series, spend a day at the event exploring the inner workings and innovations, which each team hopes will give them an edge in the competition.  "It’s great fun to watch the boats wiz around the lake on solar power," said Stuart Tanner. "You also have the feeling you are watching the beginnings of a new solar powered boat industry."

Guest list: Professor Reg Pecen at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), professor of electrical engineering technology at UNI. Reg shares his vision of a renewable energy future for Iowa and celebrates the new generation of students that are flocking to renewable energy research.

James with Reg Pecan and Kendra Wiley


Listen to the show:


You can also download the complete show in MP3 format in the "attachments" section below.

A full written transcript of the show can be found here:

English Transcript here

Dream Green 2

Listen as Pat Higby powers Stuart's "solar car" with a flashlight:

[swf file="Pat_Car.mp3"]

In our second program in KRUU-FM's Dream Green series Stuart and James travel to Cedar Falls and explore Iowa's energy resources with our guest Pat Higby from the Center for Energy and Environmental Education (CEEE).  According to one of our guest experts this week,  "there's no reason why Iowa can’t be the new Texas of energy generation and innovation."

Guests include: Pat Higby, energy educator at the Center for Energy and Environmental Education (CEEE), Kevin Nordmeyer, director Iowa Energy Center.

Listen to the full show here:

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you really know your stuff

Our first program, Green Beginnings, airs tonight on KRUU-FM at 7pm. James and Stuart stopped at the Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines during production to gather comments from shoppers about our state's progress in greening Iowa and found out that "you really know your stuff."

[swf file="STE-008.mp3"]

Some concerns were practical, and focused on containing the rising costs of "old" energy technology without having the new technologies in place first.

[swf file="STE-006.mp3"]

a perfect travel day to Des Moines

Stuart and James get a perfect Spring travel day to Des Moines on Monday. Share their journey and excitement about our Dream Green series and the guests they'll be interviewing for Program 1: Green Beginnings, which airs Thursday, June 2ndat 7pm on KRUU-FM.   [swf file="STE-001.mp3"]

Catch Stuart's reaction, as a British transplant, when he drives into Des Moines early on Monday morning.   [swf file="STE-003.mp3"]             

James, Mayor Cownie and Stuart                   Lynnae Hentzen and Stuart






Monica Stone and James

"solar splash"

Don't miss SOLAR SPLASH the World Championship of intercollegiate Solar/Electric boating. This event is being hosted in Iowa for the first time and runs June 8-12th at George Wyth State Park, IA near Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa.

solar-powered KRUU-FM receives state grant to produce energy efficiency series

For Immediate Release

May 20, 2011

Contact: James Moore

Executive Director, KRUU 100.1 FM

641 233-1617

Solar-Powered KRUU-FM Receives State Grant to Produce Energy Efficiency Series

Solar-powered KRUU 100.1 FM, Fairfield's volunteer, grassroots community radio station, has been awarded a grant from Iowa's Office of Energy Independence [OEI] to produce a series of 20 one-hour programs highlighting the state's best energy efficiency practices. This public awareness outreach campaign will include a dedicated website serving as a connecting hub of information.