“Dream Green” Spotlights a Small Iowa Town Doing Big Things

Featuring Fairfield’s Mayor, Sustainability Coordinator, & Green Pioneers  Sept. 22nd, 7 p.m. on KRUU-FM  

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Fairfield, IA, September 21, 2011—This week, “Dream Green” co-hosts Stuart Tanner and James Moore spotlight Fairfield, Iowa, a community known for its entrepreneurial vitality and embrace of sustainability. Tune in online at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 22 at www.kruufm.com for a walking tour of Abundance EcoVillage with Ideal Energy’s Amy Greenfield and Troy Van Beek, as well as interviews with Mayor Ed Malloy and sustainability coordinator Scott Timm. (Rebroadcast Monday, September 19 at 7 a.m. Archives available at greeniowa.org.)


“Fairfield is a small community of ten thousand people,” said co-host Stuart Tanner. “But its influence in all things sustainable is quite profound. We’ve traveled across the state for this series, talking with leaders in renewable energy, and it seems everyone knows about Fairfield. Under the leadership of Mayor Ed Malloy, one of the country’s 15 greenest mayors, according to MSN.com, Fairfield’s Go Green initiative is creating a sustainable future for its citizens.”


“Inspired by Fairfield’s Green Planning Commission, the city, in collaboration with Iowa State University Extension, hired Scott Timm as a full-time sustainability coordinator,” said co-host James Moore. “The new plan envisions everything from conserving energy to supporting local farms. The City of Fairfield collaborated with the Iowa Power Fund and Alliant Energy to implement planning and energy savings expected to save the City nearly $100,000 per year.”


“We travel to Abundance EcoVillage where residents live in housing with some amazing renewable features,” Tanner adds. “Amy Greenfield and Troy Van Beek walk us through their home and talk about their company, Ideal Energy. Fairfield is also home to Maharishi University of Management and its popular Sustainable Living Department, as well as the Midwest’s only solar-powered radio station, KRUU-FM, responsible for the Dream Green series itself.”


NEXT WEEK: “Dream Green” visits Amana Colonies’ methane digester and speaks with food systems expert Rich Pirog, former associate director of ISU’s Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, where he worked for 20 years. He is currently senior associate director of the Center for Sustainable Food Systems at Michigan State University.





Funded by nearly 70 individuals, businesses and organizations with a matching community grant from the Iowa Power Fund’s Office of Energy Independence, the “Dream Green” series is being released under a Creative Commons license. City administrators, radio stations, schools, and organizations involved in energy efficiency and sustainable practices are being offered free use of the series.


“Dream Green” is produced by the popular hosts of KRUU-FM’s Tanner & Moore, Stuart Tanner and James Moore, with the creative guidance of Maharishi University of Management faculty.


Stuart Tanner is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on BBC, Channel 4, and National Geographic. He is an assistant professor in the Media & Communications Department at Maharishi University of Management.


James Moore is co-founder and has served as executive director of KRUU-FM since its inception in 2006. A published poet and gifted musician, he serves on adjunct faculty at MUM where he teaches Radio & Web Broadcasting.


KRUU became the Midwest's first solar-powered radio station on September 9, 2009. “A business on the forefront of sustainability,” wrote then Governor Chet Culver. “With this project, KRUU-LP is contributing to a greener, safer Iowa.” Featuring 80 locally-produced weekly programs broadcasting to the greater Fairfield area, KRUU streams online at www.kruufm.com. You can follow the journey of discovery at www.greeniowa.org.