“Dream Green” Radio Series Presents Green from the Ground Up

Interviews with Soil Scientist Elaine Ingham and Organic Dairy Farmer Francis Thicke


Fairfield, IA, August 30, 2011—Solar-powered KRUU-FM’s “Dream Green” team speaks with soil microbiologist Elaine Ingham, chief scientist of the Rodale Institute and founder of Soil Foodweb, Inc. Also featured is a walking tour with Fancis Thicke, owner of Radiance Dairy Farm, an 80-cow, grass-fed organic dairy operation featuring a number of sustainable elements. The broadcast airs Thursday, September 1st at 7 p.m. online at www.kruufm.com. (Rebroadcast Monday, September 5 at 7a.m. Archives of series available at greeniowa.org.)


“There is the saying 'you are what you eat',” said series co-host Stuart Tanner. “This also depends on the quality of what you eat, if you will. If fruit, vegetables or crops grow in poor soil they will not have the chemical complexity required to have a high nutrition content. Why are we pouring chemicals into the soil to enhance its fertility? How are those chemicals affecting our collective health? Is it the only way we can be healthy and sustain ourselves in the modern world? The answer is a resounding no according to Ingham and Thicke.”


“This chemical dependency may not be a function of big business putting the emphasis on the wrong things,” added co-host James Moore. “Practical solutions to create and maintain rich soil to generate sufficient highly nutritious food are readily and credibly available. We’re featuring two guests working to ensure that people have highly nutritious food that is also organic, sustainable and energy efficient.”


Recognized around the world as a leader in the field of soil microbiology, Dr. Ingham is a key author of the USDA’s Soil Biology Primer. She is a visiting professor in the Sustainable Living Department at Maharishi University of Management. PhD in soil biology, Thicke worked at the USDA in Washington, D.C., serving as the National Program Leader for Soil Science for the USDA-Extension Service. He and wife Susan returned to full-time farming in 1992. Thicke ran unsuccessfully for the position of Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture in 2010 for the Democratic Party.


Next week: Thursday, September 8th at 7p.m. (rebro Monday, September 13th at 7a.m.), the focus is on green policy with former state legislator David Osterberg, founder and executive director of the Iowa Policy Project; Rich Pirog, senior associate director of Michigan State’s Center for Sustainable Food Systems; and John Collins, associate chair of the MUM’s Department of Sustainable Living.




Funded by nearly 70 individuals, businesses and organizations with a $50,000 matching community grant from the Iowa Power Fund’s Office of Energy Independence, the “Dream Green” series is being released under a Creative Commons license. City administrators, radio stations, schools, and organizations involved in energy efficiency and sustainable practices are being offered free use of the series.


“Dream Green” is produced by the popular hosts of KRUU-FM’s Tanner & Moore, Stuart Tanner and James Moore, with the creative guidance of Maharishi University of Management faculty.


Stuart Tanner is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on BBC, Channel 4, and National Geographic. He is an assistant professor in the Media & Communications Department at Maharishi University of Management.


James Moore is co-founder and has served as executive director of KRUU-FM since its inception in 2006. A published poet and gifted musician, he serves on adjunct faculty at MUM where he teaches Radio & Web Broadcasting.


KRUU became the Midwest's first solar-powered radio station on September 9, 2009. “A business on the forefront of sustainability,” wrote then Governor Chet Culver. “With this project, KRUU-LP is contributing to a greener, safer Iowa.” Featuring 80 locally-produced weekly programs broadcasting to the greater Fairfield area, KRUU streams online at www.kruufm.com. You can follow the journey of discovery at www.greeniowa.org.